15 Funniest Pranks of All Time

In the first one, she could have just seen how nice you were to the homeless man and rethought your personality… NAH by the way she dressed, she was probably just some..


Horror pranks with chainsaw or whatever aren’t funny at all. You could hurt somebody, you aren’t even strong enough to hold the chainsaw. I assure you I would fight to death if this kind of persone prank me with weapons.


With regard to the nuclear prank: A nuclear missile needs only about 30 minutes from Russia to USA, so you can’t do anything but pray to God and say goodbye to everyone…

True, you will find So many gold diggers in this video ^_^


Few girls can be some of the cruelest people in the world. First they’ll reject you and then change their mind quickly if they feel you’re important because of you car or status. The only reason they’ll talk to you then is because they wanna use you. Wow, that’s bogus.


 Funniest Pranks of All Time




Funniest Pranks of All Time




Funniest Pranks of All Time





Funniest Pranks of All Time