Android operating system L launch date, information and features




Android operating system L is here, and it’s introduced a number of new changes, with Sundar Pichai, go of Android operating system, stating it to be one of the greatest improvements to Android operating system yet.

It’s going to have a extreme new style, 5000 new APIs, will be available for designer previews soon, and it’s going beyond the cellular type aspect. Android operating system L will be contextually conscious of its around, plus speech is going to me a significant feedback resource.{adinserter 7}

The encounter will also be smooth, so Android operating system L gadgets connect effectively, although Pichai was at discomfort to indicate the cell cellphone will always be the concern.

TechRadar was present to see all the activity open up, so if you’re hankering for all the details about Android operating system L, then you’ve come to the right position. Examine out everything you need to know about Google new cellular system.

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Android L launch date

Here’s what most of you will be seeking to know: when can I get it on my phone? Well, if you’re a designer with a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 then it will be simplest, as it’s available from July 26 to designers.

The 10 factors you really, really should know about Android operating system L
For the relax of the individuals on the globe, it’s arriving ‘this fall’, which indicates that this is very much a review to please those that want to get breaking on growth, and releasing it at Search engines IO seems sensible.

This also indicates that as Android operating system L prepares itself for a customer launch we’ll discover out more about whether it’s Android operating system 5, Android operating system 4.5 and which sweet name it will have… we’re certain there’s one arriving.