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How to secure your android phone? – student chillout zone


Since the rise of android operating system the threat level has been raising along the time. On locking the phone to install a security app, you have to take steps that keep the phone and your information safe.


Here are some useful tips follow them to safeguard your phone:


  1. Use a pin code to lock your phone. There are other options like pattern lock or password locking to lock your phone.


  1. Always download your apps from a trusted app store. Now a days it has become easier to attach malware to the app therefore beware of downloading apps from the sources that are not official.


  1. Backup your data regularly so that when something goes wrong there is no requirement to worry. You can use backup assistant or cloud services.


  1. Always update your apps as the developers want to add extra features to protect your phone from malwares.


  1. Remember to logoff from the sites after online transactions. Avoid transaction when you are on public networks.


  1. Always turn off your Wi-fi and Bluetooth networks when not in use. Hackers can use them to connect to your device and steal your information.


  1. Using an android security app can save a lot of headache. These programs offer features to safeguard your device from risks. They can warn you about the risks and remotely wipe your device if it gets stolen and sometimes they can locate the stolen device as well.


By using the above tips you can very well protect your device and your personal information from the hands of cyber criminals.