Android vs iOS (student discussion)



Android vs iOS (student discussion)

The smart phone giants Apple and Google occupy a large market share. They also offer quality products,

but there is one ultimate question that Android or iOS which is better? Let’s analyze and try to figure out

the answer.


 Hardware: Android vs iOS

Apple managed to offer a better hardware compared to android right from the beginning. But as the

time passed android managed to improve and started offering better hardware as well. Since Android is

an open source larger manufacturing companies started building mobiles based on Android. This is one

of the strong reasons for androids success. The hardware offered nowadays has doubled compared to

hardware offered in past years. The processing power and features offered are going upscale. The

quality of the display also doubled in past years. Google managed to surpass apple in the hardware





OS and interface

Android is Linux based open source OS and highly customizable compared to IOS. The differentiating

factor in android vs ios development is the look and feel of the interface and performance under specific

hardware. The iOS offers a fluid interface and it feels faster than android. Since iOS prioritizes the

interface, it is very efficient under any hardware. Both offer timely updates and maintain a large

collection of apps and games. The iOS is lag and stutter free compared to various android devices.

Therefore is winning in this department.


Android leads in hardware and IOS leads in OS and interface. Looking at the android vs ios pros and cons

IPhones are costlier and Android phones with significant improvements along the time, offer better

value for money. After considering the value for money ratio Googles Android is the clear winner. You

already know about android vs ios market share.


Even after all the analysis we have a personal reason to pick one of them. The reason could be little

things, like a button or notification light for example. Clearly both of them offer value, but there can be

only one winner at the end. And you will pick the winner according to your preference.