Ashford University

Ashford University
Ashford School is a for-profit university situated in San John, California.[5] It is the greatest academic having of Bridgepoint Information.[6] The School offers affiliates, bachelors, and experts levels in more than 50 stage programs on university and online. While a most of the university college student inhabitants is authorized in web centered programs,[6] the School also provides nearly 1,000[4] learners at their university location in Clinton, Wi.[5] Ashford is accepted by the WASC Older Greater education and School Amount.
Government controversies
{adinserter 7} 2006 university college student issues to lowa Department of Education:
According to U.S. Us u. s. states senate declaration by Arlie Willems, obsolete customer for the Wi Department of Information, the Wi Department of Information dropped Ashford University’s demand in 2006 to offer an online Expert of Artistry in Teaching (MAT) on the reasons that the system “was more a collection of unique programs than a natural system, was understaffed for appropriate relationships with learners and assistance of both programs and healthcare activities, such as university college student educating. Many instructors was losing appropriate academic background and/or activities for their assigned responsibilities. The most serious concern described by the group was the lack of liability on the part of the system in providing top great quality healthcare activities, the part of trainer preparing regarded the most important by preparing programs in lowa”.

Willems also stated that Ashford signed up with into cooperation with Rio Salado Group Greater education whereas knowledge programs from the Ashford BA in Community Technological innovation with a Concentrate in Information could apply to Rio Salado’s post-baccalaureate trainer knowledge system. Once learners have completed the online Ashford BA and the online Rio Salado trainer knowledge system, they are certified for an Arizona educating documentation. Willem’s described that this cooperation could be seen as a innovative way to fix a problem to be able to continue illustrating learners, or it could be seen as a way to avoid the liability system for top great quality to be able to continue gathering expenses from learners. An individual who has achieved an Arizona documentation in this way does not immediately get an Wi documentation because Wi and Arizona do not have a reciprocity agreement.

According Willems, issues from Ashford learners concerning this agreement and licensure include:

1) Individuals from Wi and many other declares who had completed Ashford’s online Bachelor’s of Artistry in Community Technological innovation with a Concentrate in Information. Them had been led to believe that, upon completing this system, they would be certified for a documentation in their home condition because Ashford has a state-approved trainer knowledge system (the on-ground basic program).

2) Individuals who were learners or learners of the Ashford online baccalaureate system, but were not aware of the need to complete the Rio Salado system as well to be able to get an Arizona documentation. Them were not even aware of the Rio Salado cooperation.

3) Ashford learners who were planning to complete university college student educating through Rio Salado Greater education and regarded they would then immediately be certified for an Wi educating documentation.

4) Students who were completing an online stage through Ashford when they are young and regarded that this stage would lead to an Wi educating documentation. It does not.
2008 U.S. Department of Information audit

In May 2008, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Examiner Typical (OIG) evaluation services division started a complying evaluation of Ashford School protecting the period Objective 10, 2005, through June 30, 2009. The OIG evaluation obtained the following conclusions:
{adinserter 2} Audit focus:
*Compensation guidelines and techniques with regards to signing up experts.
*Calculation, timeliness, and payment perfection of Headline IV system funds.
*Student read write to sustain credit score rating stages out.
*Maintenance of supporting documentation for a scholar’s leave of lack.
Audit result:
*Rewarded hiring managers depending on their success in acquiring enrollments.
*Improperly handled at least $1.1 million during the 2006–7 period.
*Kept credit score rating stages out without the proper authorization.
*Took too long to return money provided to learners who withdrew.
2011 lowa Attorney Typical investigation:

According to a Feb 15, 2011, handling with the Investment strategies and Exchange Amount, Ashford School and its parent or guardian company, Bridgepoint Information, acquired a correspondence from the Wi Attorney General’s workplace on Feb 9, 2011, asking “documents and specific information” from Jan 1, 2008, to the current to determine if Ashford’s business techniques possibly breached the area’s Customer Frauds Act.

2011 U.S. Senate hearings
On Objective 10, 2011, Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) chaired a hearing of the Health, Information, Work, and Pension benefits Board that examined a study of Ashford’s parent or guardian company, which has experienced near-exponential benefit development in the last few years despite low finishing rates. Bridgepoint functions two universities that it purchased when both were near bankruptcy, Ashford School in Wi and the School of the Rockies in Colorado. When it purchased Ashford School in 2005, it had less than 300 learners but these days it statements to have over 78,000 learners, 99% of which are online.

While a majority of learners are authorized in online courses[6] handled from the University’s secret headquarters in San John, California, Ashford’s traditional university is situated in Clinton, Wi.[5] The 24-acre (9.7 ha) university is about a half range (800 m) from the Ms Stream and about a range (1,600 m) northern of Road 30. The most significant creating on university is St. Clare Place, which has provided as the Set up St. Clare Convent, Novitiate, Universities, and Greater education. Nowadays, the decreased areas in St. Clare Place home management and support, while the higher areas contain sessions.

{adinserter 2} The Durgin Educational Middle, which homes Kehl Field, the dressed in department, and the activity lab. The recently redesigned Ladd Technological innovation Building has substance create up, chemical make up, microbiology, analysis and substance create up labs. The university has recently purchased the Best European resort for use as a property area. This area, commonly known as the BW, comes with both Durham and Regis Places in providing property to on university learners. An article in the Huffiington Post belittled the purchase of land from a local country club and described how “a new, 500-seat football floor embellishes the campus”, even though no football group dominates on university.

Sports and university college student activities

Ashford School categories are known as the Team. The university performs in the Nationwide Organization of Intercollegiate Sporting (NAIA) as an Individual individual, part of the Organization of Individual Companies (AII). The Team formerly taken part in the Place Greater education Meeting (MCC). Men’s actions involve football, golf soccer ball, go-karting, cross-country, golf, football, golf and observe & field; women actions involve golf soccer ball, go-karting, cross-country, golf, football, football, golf, observe & area and seaside soccer ball.

The official group shades are purple and silver, and the pet for the Team is a St. Bernard dog known as Champion. The university designed a $4.6 million health and fitness service truly. A new state-of-the-art artificial-turf football area and an outside all-weather observe has been completed on the decreased part of the campus; it provides the AU men’s and some women football programs as well as the men’s and some women outside observe and area categories.[26] After from the MCC for many years, Ashford has become a individual of Organization of Individual Companies (AII) of the NAIA on June 1, 2012.

Ashford has acquired the MCC President’s Cup for 2009-10 and 2010-11 for great academic great quality among their university college student sportsmen with 96 individual learners selected for the Academic All-MCC Team.[28] Additionally, 21 learners were known as Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athletes which needs a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 at documentation.[29] Eight of Ashford’s health and fitness programs have been known as as NAIA Student Groups, which needs individuals on the group to sustain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 range. The programs known as were men’s golf, women football, women golf soccer ball, men’s football, seaside soccer ball, football and men’s golf soccer ball.

Champ is the dressed in pet of the Ashford School Team. Champion is a St. Bernard dog dressed in a purple Ashford School t-shirt. He is a well-known dog because Ashford School is one of the greatest universities online these days, with learners distribute all over the world.

Champ was created in May 2006 by Darlene Bogue, who worked as an employee for Facemakers Inc. which styles outfits used in film features. The outfit has a heavy unclear body suit that has a end and a headwear that features large dull hearing. Champion can be seen at most home health and fitness actions at Ashford School and also at community actions around Clinton, Wi. The music “Who Let the Pets Out?” (written by Anslem Douglas) can be heard at many Ashford health and fitness actions, which helps Champion fire up the viewers.

Ashford School is a unique company. Its expenses and expenses are $10,312 (2013-14).

Cost and Financial Aid

Paying for school doesn’t have to be difficult or harmful. Go to the Spending for Greater education knowledge center to get advice on increasing cash and decreasing costs, or use the U.S. News 529 Locator to choose the best tax-advantaged college investment account for you.
Tuition and expenses $10,312 (2013-14)
Room and board $6,000 (2013-14).

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