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Columbia Southeast School, in Lemon Seaside, Al, USA, is a proprietary/for-profit institution of greater education. It provides Associates, Bachelor’s and Master’s applications in areas including Company Control, Details Technological innovation, Legal Rights, Individual Source Control, Organizational Leadership, Work-related Protection and Health and Flame technology. Mexico Southern’s on the internet level applications are among the most cost-effective in the U. s. Declares. Its on the internet level applications in healthcare administration and psychology are the most cost-effective of their kind in the country.

Certification and approvals

Columbia Southeast has been approved by Range Education and learning and Coaching Authorities (DETC) since 2001. DETC is an accreditation agency identified by both the U.S. Department of Education and learning and the Authorities for Higher Education and learning Certification (CHEA). Mexico Southeast is also a member of the Higher Education and learning Exchange Alliance (HETA), a voluntary number of approved organizations that are concerned with the importance of student mobility, enhancing success in change in credit, and affirming the responsibility and prerogative of individual organizations with respect to {adinserter 7}acceptance of transfer credits. It was one of the few approved organizations selected by the DETC to start offering approved on the internet Doctoral in Company Control (DBA), but the system was discontinued in March 2014.
Faculty and contracts with other institutions

Currently Mexico Southeast School has more than 270 full-time staff and staff. It enrolls and graduates thousands of learners annually on both national and international level. Mexico Southeast School also recognized contracts with School of Northern Al and Waldorf College to provide creative on the internet level applications through these traditional universities.

Mexico Southeast School Online

Founded in 1993, Mexico Southeast School was among the first on the internet colleges recognized in the U. s. Declares. It originally awarded ecological engineering and occupational safety and health levels. Today, it has expanded to award affiliate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels in a variety of areas. Well-known applications consist of fire technology, criminal justice, business, human resource management, and knowledge technology. Mexico Southeast School is honored on being flexible and targets individuals who have daily obligations that would otherwise interfere with their ability to enroll in greater education. The university is an academic partner to Delta Airlines and participates in the GoArmyEd initiative, which provides tuition assistance to military learners.

Programs Offered

Columbia Southeast School provides undergrad and graduate student levels in arts and sciences, business, general studies, safety/emergency services, and other areas. In addition to levels, the university also provides certificate and certification applications. Mexico Southeast School is partnered with Wardolf College and the School of Northern Al, through which the university is able to provide an even wider range of programs. Well-known applications consist of the master’s of economic administration, criminal justice administration, fire technology, and ecological management. Textbooks are provided for free to learners that finish their sessions. Mexico Southeast School also is honored on having no team projects, which allow learners to finish programs independently.


Columbia Southeast School was approved by the Range Education and learning and Coaching Authorities in 2001. Since then, it has upheld the standards set in place by the Accrediting Commission and has remained identified for its dedication to online learning.

{adinserter 2}Admissions

With open enrollment and self-paced sessions, Mexico Southeast School takes away the time-crunch for getting system materials submitted. No entrance exams are required, and there is no system fee, unless you choose to undergo priority evaluation. Prospective learners must have a secondary school diploma or GED prior to enrolling in an undergrad system. Graduate applicants must have at least a bachelor’s level. Doctoral learners must have a master’s, or a bachelor’s level with at least two years of post-graduate professional experience. There is no set GPA for admission. Undergraduate learners are allowed to transfer up to 75% of their course work, and learners are permitted to transfer up to 50%. Students must also have access to a computer and the Internet.

Admissions Contact:

Columbia Southeast University
Admissions Office
21982 School Lane
Orange Seaside, AL 36561
(800) 977-8449

Complete Undergraduate Students: 13,989
Complete Enrolled Students: 17,459
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