Community college education

Community College

What exactly is a Community college? How is it better than the Regular University education? All you should be knowing about the importance of a community college.

graduation-capA community college is a two-year institution that is publicly-funded and therefore gives students the opportunity to earn a degree without having to graduate in debt.

Formerly known as “junior colleges”, the term was later discouraged because there’s a huge difference between the two.

Junior colleges are privately-funded institutions while community colleges are the more practical alternative, which is funded by the government. The idea of community colleges started back in the 90’s as a solution to create a work force that will in return serve the nation.


Many people nowadays often see community college education as a disadvantage. Students who are still planning on their educational path after high school see community colleges as a “last resort” in order to get higher chances of earning a degree for less.


Graduating from a community college may not catch the attention of some employers or connections, but it’s not actually a bad thing. If you study through the ratio of debt and salary after college, a huge number of people who have graduated from universities are not able to pay their debts, even for a lifetime’s worth of employment. The best way for most graduates to earn back their return of investment is through having their own business. However, it’s hard to loan money to put up a business if you’ve already had a huge pile of debt.


Enrolling to a community college can actually bring more pros than cons. On the financial side, community colleges are much cheaper than Ivy League universities. The wisest option is to enroll to a community college and get an associate’s degree or for the first year and transfer to a university. Your community college degree is highly accepted in most universities.

Another advantage is the small teacher – student ratio in community colleges. If you’re having low grades in high school, a community college is a good option to improve your learning. The teaching will be more focused and there are fewer distractions in terms of the environment. If you’re having difficulty in high school, there’s a thin chance that you will make it through the university without burnout.

The transition from high school to a community college is very smooth, considering that there are less social activities around and you will still be living with your parents than live in a dorm. This may seem boring for most students, but it will save you a lot of money on expenses, distractions from too many or too much social gatherings, adjustments from a new environment and constant peer pressure.

If you wish to graduate in a 4-year course in a prestigious university, take into consideration that you can actually take your first 2 years in a community college, which actually saves you and your parents a lot of money. Most of the connections that you will have once you’ve graduated are usually made during your third and last year in the university, so spending a lot of money on the first and second year isn’t that worth it at all.

The huge advantage that universities give to students is the distinction of being a middle or upper class citizen that comes with graduating from a university. But remember that you can still graduate from a university in a practical way, by starting at a community college first.