Convert jpg to pdf file

How to convert jpg to pdf file

Converting your images to PDF format can make them easier to catalog and send to others, and can making reading easier if the images are of text. Converting image files into PDFs only takes a few seconds, and there are a variety of options depending on if you’re just converting a few images or you have a whole stack to get through.

For converting jpg to pdf we use two best methods

  • Using an Online Service
  • Using a PDF Writer

2. Using a PDF Writer

Download and install CutePDF Writer.

This program is available for free, and will allow you to select it as a printer when you send a document to print. Instead of printing, it will be converted into a PDF. This is especially useful if you have a lot of images to convert, as there is no uploading and no watermarks added.

  • Click the “Free Download” link on the left side of the CutePDF page. Don’t click on the “Free Converter” link.
  • You can download CutePDF Writer from the developer. During installation, there will be several prompts to install browser toolbars, so be sure to decline them.
  • You will also need to install a PS2PDF converter. They recommend Ghostscript, an open source converter that can be downloaded for free from the CutePDF website as well.
  • There are several other PDF virtual printers available, but CutePDF is one of the easiest to get up and running.


convert jpg files to pdf
convert jpg files to pdf


* Open the image that you want to convert.

Simply open the image in whatever image viewing program that you use. Cute PDF is not a program, but instead acts as a virtual printer and thus works in any program that can print.


convert jpg to pdf file
convert jpg to pdf file


* Print the image.

Click File and then Print, or navigate to the print menu in whichever way is best for the program you are using. Look for the printer selection menu and click it to pull up the list of installed printers. You should see CutePDF Writer as one of the options. Select it and click Print.

  • Your PDF will be created with whatever settings you have, so make sure the print preview looks good before sending it to print.


how to convert jpg to pdf file
how to convert jpg to pdf file


* Save the PDF.

A few moments after you click Print, a Save dialog box will open. You will be able to save your PDF to wherever you’d like on your computer. Make sure to give it a name, as the name it automatically picks will usually be vague or incorrect.

how to convert jpg file to pdf
how to convert jpg file to pdf