While you search for Corona Virus updates, why not share some encouraging cards to your friends and family to help them build their immunity and will power to fight against this deadly virus.

The disease named as  COVID-19 in short is caused by infection that can infect humans. Let us not allow this disease to pull us down more than needed.

Corona Virus update , covid19
Corona virus update

WHO(World Health Organization) made the assessment that COVID-19 is pandemic.

The word ‘Pandemic’ should not be used lightly or carelessly. If misused, it can cause unreasonable fear, or unjustified acceptance that the fight is over, leading to unnecessary suffering and death. WHO is very well aware of this and made it’s decision to classify COVID-19 as Pandemic.


Corona virus Positivism Test
China corona virus, corona virus tested positive

China was the first to report to WHO Country office in December 2019 about an unknown pneumonia kind of disease which is now classified as Corona Virus, shortly COVID-19.

#China Corona Virus

Stay Positive
Corona Virus 2020

Corona virus spreads quickly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our Government is urging everyone to limit their visits to protect the residents. With the Corona virus COVID-19 outbreak Tele-medicine is the way to see a doctor in the safe confines of your home or if your too sick to leave your home.


speedy recovery cards
Speedy recovery cards for corona virus victims

#Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus out break can wipe out lot of life of civilization from the World. This could seriously impact the most vulnerable sections of the population, the homeless, refugees, those lacking health insurance.  Please look out for each other. Offer help to under privileged and homeless.

I am watching over you - Speedy recovery card and wishes for corona virus
I am watching over you – Speedy recovery card and wishes for corona virus

Dont let Corona Virus Take over your life. Boost up your immunity system.

It would also be helpful if we all can think of people who are isolating/quarantining themselves?

At present we are all concerned about keeping our loved ones and neighbors safe, why not we proactively go ahead and create our own helping groups which can fantastically pull together in times of need in as many social networking sites as possible such as Whatsapp and facebook.

Recover from Corona virus
Beat Corona , Beat Covid-19

There are some extremely kind and generous people who are already offering support for those unable to get out of their own home, which is the Spirit at its finest. However, panic posts and loo roll wars aren’t helpful, or needed, everyone is in the same situation and we have to support each other.  Stay safe and keep looking after each other.

corona virus
Covid19, corona virus

Clinical microbiologists at Johns Hopkins Medicine have developed an in-house corona virus screening test that may soon allow the health system to test as many as 1,000 people per day. As cases spread in the U.S., the test is being rolled out at five Baltimore-area hospitals.

As the new corona virus continues to spread, so do anxieties about COVID-19, the illness it causes. Learn ways you and your family can manage corona-virus-related stress.

Our health care system is near capacity already. The only way to provide treatment to the coming cases of COVID19 is to stop contagion now. Even then, thousands of yet undetected cases may swamp hospitals and health personnel. Wuhan (China) was at complete lock-down at our current phase of the epidemic.

Do not let that Corona Virus win. I am watching you.

We have unsettled debts yet.

Do not let that Corona Virus win. I am watching you.
Do not let that Corona Virus win. I am watching you.