Send your loved ones, friends and family a speedy recovery card from corona virus. All they want now when suffering in isolation or quarantine is a bit more love and attention than you usually show on them.

Speedy Recovery Card - Corona Virus victims
I am watching over you – Speedy recovery card and wishes for corona virus

While many schools , colleges, offices, banks, institutions are declaring shut downs in the fear of corona virus, so far, this is the only disease, Govt. has agreed to give sick leaves and let you stay indoors.

Offices do not ask for any certificate and you all can go on a happy isolation mode for 1 month. Think about that! Make use of this idea and boost up your immune system by working out and eating good food.

Stay cool, Deal with this thing and win over
Stay cool, chillax and everything will get set as always


Kick ass - recover soon
Kick corona virus ass – recover soon

This virus disproportionately attacks the older generation which is sad.

If you know, your community have any elderly, high risk or vulnerable residents or anyone who is self-isolating and needs something fetching from the shops etc, please don’t hesitate to ask to help them. After all, we are all here to help each other during crisis times.

Speedy recovery
Train your mind to see the light in every situation

The most stressful thing about corona virus is we can’t go anywhere for the strict restrictions by the government. But look at the positive side of this holiday and recover soon. If not, we might get a no-lifetime holiday. Children and adults may benefit well by simple yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. Simple practices that are calming to body, mind and spirit which help support the immune system. Also, can be enjoyable with the family while home bound.

Get well soon
Kick ass – Corona Virus

Preventive measures are always the best bet. Being hygiene oriented and not gathering in large groups is common advice. However as with other viruses we have already developed vaccinations for, the same must apply with this corona virus that affects breathing and the lungs. Small samples of the corona virus itself has to be injected to develop immunity. Vaccinations must be prepared. If a person cant breathe they should be administered with stimulants and other medicines that will increase blood pressure and pulse. It will open the obstruction of the lungs air flow. There are several such theories being discussed all over social media. Whichever works, we shall soon get a Vaccine developed for this corona virus. Until then, lets stay safe and indoors.


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