Crack your friend’s Whatsapp conversation

Latest Whatsapp Hack Trick!!

Crack your FRIENDS’s conversation.
This is an awesome technique that allows you to compromise your buddies whatsapp discussion. 🙂  😛  😆  😉  😀

Go to the MicroSD card and then simply  select the Whatsapp and choose Data source option.

Now you will find following 2 details. You will have to obtain these details from your friend’s SD card to use the same on the your phone. 


Now you have to take this information from your buddies phone already and then use it here.

Now you will have access to read their discussions about whatever you wanted to read.

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Well, use these tricks for fun and on a lighter note. Tapping without ones knowledge is not always well treated.

So apply these Hack tricks on only those people whom you are well aware of and possibily will not offend you when they found out that you hacked their Whatsapp conversation.

As a famous saying goes, A secret is a secret as long as only you knows it!

🙂 😛  😎  😀  :mrgreen:  😈  😯



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