The word “emoticon,” a construction of the terms “emotion” and “icon,” represents visual representations of face expression, which often follow to utterances in published computer-mediated communication. Emoticons may be created by ASCII symbols (:-)) or by “pictograms,” which are graphic symbols.

Emoticons as markers of positive attitude:

(1) Signature:

Signature+emoticon -_-

eg:Rgds. Ditte 🙂

Emoticons as markers of a joke or irony

(2) Jokes/irony:


eg:I am 36. I have never had a car. However, I have driven others’ cars since I was 18, without making a scratch, but that doesn’t count, I guess. 🙂

(3) Request:


eg:(…) We are supposed to have a CONSISTENT AND CLEAR communication style. Nice with a little clarification here…. 🙂

(4) Rejection:

Rejection and emoticon


Siri: Shouldn’t we take into account customer needs for information. (…)

Maria: No, say I :-p […]

(5) Correction:


eg:At the same time I have to make clear that my title is identical with the one in the signature, and not insurance broker as written in the letter (It’s been 16 years since I was a broker :o))

(6) Complaint


eg:It is actually almost 3 months since I overpaid by DKK 499. If I had paid too little, I would most likely have received a reminder from you, so it is reasonable that the client is treated on equal terms.

A little Friday moaning from here 🙂

(7) Thanks:

Thanks and emoticon

eg:great and thanks 🙂

(8) Greetings

Greeting and emoticon

eg:Hi Anna, long time no see:-) Hope everything is okay in Steinkjer!!

(9) Wishes

wishes and emoticon

eg:I hope the home guard training was fine 🙂

(10) Appraisals


eg:They think that Agenda does an important and good job!! 🙂

(11) Promises


eg:Thanks for your help – and now I promise that I have contacted you for the last time concerning this case:-)

(12) Admissions

I have probably read the signature incorrectly, so there you’re probably right 🙂


Facebook Smiley Face=  🙂  (smiley face)   ||  Facebook big smile - Grin emoticon= 😀  (Big smile)   ||  Facebook Sad Emoticon= 🙁  (sad emotion or Frown smiley)   ||  Facebook Cry Emoticon=  :'(  (Crying emoticon)  ||  Facebook Tounge Out Emoticon=  😛  (smiley with tongue out)   ||   Facebook Angel Smiley Emoticon= O:)  (Angel emoticon)

Facebook Devil Emoticon=  3:)  (Devil emoticon)  ||  Facebook Confused Smiley=  o.O  (Confused)  ||  Facebook Wink Smiley=  😉  (Winking emoticon)  ||  Facebook Gasp Emoticon=  :O  (surprised emoticon)  ||  Facebook squint emoticon=-_-  (Squinting emoticon)  ||   Facebook angry smiley=  >:O  (Angry emoticon)

Facebook Kiss Emoticon=  :*  (Kiss emoticon)  || Facebook Heart Emoticon=  <3  (Heart emoticon)  || Facebook Kiki Smiley=  ^_^  (Cheerful emoticon)  || Glasses Smiley for Facebook=  😎  (Glasses emoticon)  ||  Facebook Sunglasses Smiley=  8|  (Sun glasses emoticon)  ||  Facebook Shark Emoticon=  (^^^)  (Shark emoticon)

Facebook Robot Smiley=  :|]  (Robot emoticon)  ||  Facebook Grumpy Smiley=  >:(  (Grumpy emoticon)  || Facebook Pacman Emoticon=  :v  (Pacman emoticon) ||  Facebook Unsure Smiley=  :/  (Unsure emoticon)  ||  Facebook Curly Lips Emoticon=  :3  (Curly lips emoticon)  ||Facebook Blush Emoticon=  ☺  (Blushing emoticon)

Thumb Up (y) Like Facebook Emoticon=  (y)  (Thumb up emoticon)  ||  Poop - New Facebook Emoticon=  :poop:  (Poop emoticon)  ||  Chris Putnam emoticon=  :putnam:   (Chris putnam emoticon)  ||  Facebook Penguin Emoticon=  <(“)  (Penguin emoticon)  ||  Peace Fingers Emoticon=  ✌  (Peace fingers emoticon)

Facebook Sun Emoticon=  ☀  (Sun symbol emoticon)  ||  Facebook Cloud Icon=  ☁  (Cloud symbol emoticon)  ||  Umbrella Emoticon=  ☔  (Umbrella symbol emoticon)  ||  Facebook Thunder Emoticon=  ⚡  ( Thunder sign)  ||  Stars Facebook Emoticons=  ✨  (stars emoticon)  ||

White star Facebook emoticon=  ⭐ (White star)  ||  Snowflake Emoji for Facebook=  ✳ (Snow flake)  ||  Facebook Snowman Emoticon=  ⛄  (Snow man)  ||  Cup Of Coffee Facebook Emoticon=  ☕  (Coffee emoticon)  ||  Hot plate emoticon=  ♨  (Hot plate emoticon)  ||  Fuel pump emoticon=  ⛽  (Full pump emoticon)  ||

Airplane Facebook emoticon=  ✈  (Airplane emoticon)  ||   Fountain emoticon=  ⛲  (Fountain emoticon)  ||  Tent emoticon=  ⛺  (Tent emoticon)  ||  Facebook church emoticon=  ⛪  (Church emoticon)  ||  Telephone Facebook Emoticon=  ☎  (Telephone emoticon)  ||

Envelope emoticon=  ✉  (Envelope emoticon)  ||  Scissors emoticon=  ✂  (Scissors emoticon)  ||