Famous quotes about family

Family is the people in your life who want you in theirs…
the ones who accept you for who you are.
The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what.

let us have some quotes about the most wonderful families…


Family quote 1:
FAMILY is the place where the life begins and love has no end..




Family quote 2:
FAMILY is like branches on a tree, all grow in different directions yet the roots are of same..


Family quote 3:
FAMILY is like music..there have some high nodes and some low nodes..but always a beautiful song..


Family quote 4:
FAMILY is all about who is willing to hold the hand when you are in deep need..


family quotes



Family quote 5:
FAMILY is the best thing you could ever wish for..


Family quote 6:
FAMILY is all about there for you during the up’s and down’s…..and love you no matter what…


Family quote 7:
FAMILY is the most important thing in the world…






Family quote 8:
FAMILY is the gift that is given forever…



Family quote 9:
FAMILY is the everlasting school and PARENTS are the lifelong TEACHERS..



Family quote 10:
FAMILY which is always happy is a bit earlier heaven…



Family quote 11:
FAMILY means nobody gets left behind and forgotten…


Family quote 12:
FAMILY is little world created by love…


family quotes




Family quote 13:
FAMILY is we may not have it all together…but together we have it all…



Family quote 14:
FAMILY is to care….

to protect…
to make happy…
to do best…





Family quote 15:
The FAMILY’S love is the LIFE’S greatest Blessing…



Family quote 16:
FAMILY is journey of life gives us memories which we can cherish forever….



Family quote 17:
FAMILY talks about friends..talks about neighbors…talks about more humillating than anything…


Family quote 18:
FAMILY is a circle of strength and love….







Family quote 19:
FAMILY is the best gathering place to have fun and enjoy….



Family quote 20:
FAMILY is the best friends you ever have in your life…



family quotes




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