Funny QUIZ Questions

This quiz is great for many situations, such as parties, social groups, pub quizzes or school groups.   This quiz is also suitable for all ages, though very young children might struggle with some of the questions.

  • 1. Which is faster Heat or Cold? Explain ??


  • 2. In parliament who is silent..??

funny parliament

  • 3.  What is that common in Island and the letter “T”..??

  • 4.  To which part the turkey has more feathers..??

  • 5.  Why do the television attract to people..??

alone tv

  • 6.  When does a British potato changes its nationality..??

  • 7.  If you have 4 Apples in one hand and 4 mangoes in other hand then what do you have..??

  • 8.  Chinese men  eat more food than the Japanese men eat..why.??

  • 9.  A dog has 3 puppies..named Sunny, Nunny, Bunny..What as the mothers name of that dog..??

  • 10. Imagine you have stuck in an Tsunami..what would you do..??

  • 11.  Nile river flows in which state..??

  •  12. It demands for answer but do not asks any question..What is it..??

  • 13.  What animal can run faster..?::Elephant,squirrel or a mouse..?

  • 14.  Tom’s father has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty. What would be the name of the fifth?

  • 15.  Which man-made landmark can be seen from space?

  • 16.  By law in Russia the homeless should be where after 10 PM..??

  • 17.  What is another word for lexicon?

  • 18.  Einstein called what the most difficult thing to understand..??

  • 19.  What is the seventh planet of the sun..?

  • 20. What do the letters LCD stand for?

  • 21.  What occurs once in a minute..twice in a week and once in an year..??

  • 22.  what is the name of the Planet the superman comes from..??

  • 23.  what does a soldier keep in a frog..??

  • 24.  Which is heavier:: GOLD or silver..??

  • 25.  What is the biggest man made structure on the earth..??


  1. Heat..because we can catch cold but not heat..

  2. The letter “A” is silent..

  3. They are both in the middle of  Wa T er

  4. To the Outside part

  5. Because people should on them

  6. When they are made to French Fries..

  7. A very big hand

  8. Chinese..::Chinese men are more in number than the Japanese men

  9. What:::as it is already mensioned in the question..

  10. just stop imagining

  11. Liquid state

  12. Telephone

  13. Elephant::because it is an animal

  14. Tom

  15. None

  16. Home

  17. Dictionary

  18. Income taxes

  19. Uranus

  20. liquid crystal diode

  21. Letter E

  22. Krypton

  23. his bayonet

  24. gold

  25. The China wall

Enjoy reading and have fun..


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