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Happy Quotes::


Everyone has a mind, however, very few of us possess a deep understanding of the nature and functions of the mind…

Happiness is a state of mind, and so if we want to be free from suffering and enjoy true happiness we need to possess a thorough understanding of the mind and how to control it. There is no other way that we can we definitely improve the quality of our life, both now and in the future.

One needs to be happy in life in order to  achieve a perfect life as he wishes…..

Here are some Happy Quotes ..


happy quote

happy quotes

Feeling happy:

The best feeling in the world is realizing that you are perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed…


Being happy:

Being happy doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It just means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections…


Happy day:

The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday…


Super Happy:

Someone else is happy with less than what you have…


Decision Happiness:

Happiness is a decision… one is as happy as he decides to be…



happy quote
happy quote

happy quotes


Happy Health:

Choose to be happy because its good for health…


Happy Thoughts:

Just think of happy thoughts..and definitely you will fly on…


No reason to be happy:

There are so many reasons to be happy….



Nobody care when your are miserable..so as well be happy….


Happy in life:

Don’t think for perfect life..

think for a happy life….


Music Happiness

When you are happy you enjoy the music…

but when your sad u understand the lyrics.. 


Simple HAppiness..:

Be happy..

and a reason will come along…


Everyday HAppies..:

The happy have whole days,
and those they choose.
The unhappy have but hours,
and those they lose…

Special happiness :

Anyone can make you happy…by doing something special..but only someone special can make you happy without doing anything…

happy quote



Have hope..

Be strong..

Laugh loud..

Smile often..

Live and play hard in the moment…

Dream big and be Happy…..



Sure HAppiness

Whatever you do make sure that it makes you happy…


HAppy…goes on..:

The greatest gift we give to someone who loves us is simply to be happy…



Be Happy..

Its one way of being wise…

happy quote



Happy Quote:

To be happy..we must not be too concerned to others…


HAppiness from nature:

One need to learn to be happy from nature..because you will seldom have a chance to be happy by circumstances…



HAppy feelings:

The only reason you wont let go of what is making you sad is because it was the only thing that made you happy.


HAppy minds:

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be…


happy quote


happy quotes


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