Hide Lastseen time in Wats app

How does this app work? – After you’ve designed the program, the app begins to perform. When you go into your WhatsApp, Last Seen technology of the app do not instantly hide your WiFi relationship and when you approach nearer to the WhatsApp screen, it instantly begins WiFi. Its precise and doesn’t keep you patiently waiting. So contacting whatsapp is an automated WiFi on-off app.hide-whatsapp-last-seen-at-and-profile-picture

Download Not Last Seen app.

We don’t have a Search engines Perform Shop weblink since the app no more prevails there. It breached some Search engines guidelines they say.

Launch the app. You’ll see three choices –

Prevent Last Seen,

Prevent Last Seen at Start Cellphone,

Always Restore WiFi.

Tick ‘Block Last Seen’.
block last seen
Since the app is no more modified, basically ticking the first one didn’t perform for me so I had to mark the second one i.e Prevent Last Seen at Start Cellphone too.

Block last seen at boot phone choice in not last seen app for android
If your WiFi relationship doesn’t begin instantly when you keep the WhatsApp screen, mark ‘Always Restore WiFi’.
Always recover wifi
When the app operates you’ll see a alert in your notices place. You can tap it to modify the configurations if needed or keep it as it is or tap the alert to cover up it from your notices bar. I however suggest it to remain there so you’re conscious your last seen is invisible.

There is an alternative where you can hide the last seen status of your whatsapp status.


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