It was bright sunny afternoon. I just finished my lunch routine and settled down on my desk. Just like most of other software employees, started feeling little sleepy and to keep myself awake and active, looked around quickly , to go onto some news/entertainment related stuff on internet.
change life
Me, being little shy do not mingle much unless they are really close to me. I keep myself mostly occupied with smart phone and 4G internet now 🙂 . After winding up around 1-2hours of browsing on all kinds of junk stuff, started chatting with one of my close friends. Mostly gossips on anything in the world to chat box commenting on some of the colleagues dressing sense etc. Around sometime near to4pm, back to tea break with the same circle and return to desks to actually look into how fast ‘the allocated task’ can be completed. 
Packed my bags to leave for the day, and when walking by the road, i have noticed some gathering to the side of the road. As i live near by , felt little anxious about the incident and went there to look at the incident. An elderly person have fainted. He must be returning from his work and  i see his bag and spectacles fallen by his side on the road. None of the gathered people are stepping forward to help him stand aside or offer him some water. People are just staring at each other looking if someone can help that person. I felt like stepping forward for helping this old guy, but just couldn’t. May be i am shy to this extent, that i cant dare to step forward even when there is an emergency called for from the other side. When i have been struggling inside , whether to step ahead and take care of him or just stand by and pray God to send someone to help him. I have chosen the later one, may be because, that needed very little effort from my side. Or may be because, i am a girl and not liking being watched by many. Or may be i am not as kind/good as i thought i am.
Seen a tall guy stepping forward to the old man, by now the old man have already started gaining conscious  (may be due to prayers from stupid ass holes like me!). He was offered some water and was helped to get to a descent place. By now, 2-3 people stepped ahead and collected his things which are fallen across the road and helped him till he is alright. Crowd slowly started dissembling. And I have started walking back to my home, cursing me all the way for not being good enough to step forward even after watching some one lying helplessly on the road. What if he happened to be my relative! Would i do the same!? Would i still stand in the crowd with all the inhibitions in mind!! Stopped blaming myself as i am not the only person who did not step forward. There are numerous others, who did just the same as i did. May be this is Normal and stepping forward actively may be something like super heroic. Suddenly it flashed my thoughts, that i can put up something related to this on my Facebook timeline status. Logged into Facebook, a wonderful time-gulping machine, one logs in into it, and ends up spending more than what is planned for. 
What an intelligent invention by Mark Zukerberg. Would people ever get bored of Facebook one day at all!? After completing every update on Facebook, its time to get on to YouTube to watch some nice short stories and hit bed. 
short stories
On next day, I have started early and headed to a Take away store. I need to pack something good for my lunch , as got no home lunch today. Packed something light and stepped outside. I need to catch a bus to my office asap so that i do not get late and sit long hours to compensate. There are some beeps from my phone, which are alerting me that people started responding or liking to my Facebook  status message i have put up on the accident i have witnessed yesterday. I was waiting for one special person’s comment or like and the beeps made me curious enough to look into who is it. I felt a strong knock on my side and i felt so light after that….