How this one incident changed my whole life!

It looks so blurred now, and i am very thirsty like i havent had water for days! I can see  a gathering again not so clearly though this time. Feeling very tired and have no energy levels.. feeling very sleepy… My eyes are struggling to keep open, and i now realised, i have just been walking a minute ago and I now see a gathering around me all of a sudden. This time gathering is faced towards me. I understood, that they are all looking at me.. I have no energy to cover my dress well as it seemed like little fallen apart. I could see that there are lots of people surrounding me , but i do not understand why isn’t anyone going away if they are not helping me from there. I kept lying there, wishing someone would help me to cover myself well and take me aside. I tried and kept trying to move myself but couldn’t. I can still hear beep sounds from my Facebook alerts on my phone which is lying some where.
I am just waiting for someone who can help me to cover myself.. i don’t understand why are they still watching when they are not helping me..