List of admission tests to colleges and universities- undergraduate

Record of entry assessments to universities and colleges

This is a listing of consistent assessments that learners may need to take for acceptance to various Colleges and universities and Colleges. Tests of terminology expertise are omitted here.

Only assessments not included within a certain additional education program are detailed. Thus, those assessments initially focused on secondary-school-leaving, e.g., GCE A-Levels in the UK, or French Baccalaureate, are not right here, although they function as the de facto entry assessments in those countries (see listing of university making certificates).



{adinserter 7}STAT
– Unique Tertiary Admissions Analyze, abilities test for non-school leavers
UMAT – Undergrad Healthcare Admissions Analyze, required for undergraduate admission to many Sydney and New Zealand undergraduate-entry medical and oral schools
GAMSAT – Graduate student Sydney Healthcare School Admissions Analyze, required for graduate admission to many Sydney graduate-entry medical and oral schools
PQA – Personal Features Assessment, required for access into wellness sciences, such as undergraduate Medication, for a lot more Sydney universities
GAT – Common Accomplishment Analyze ( VCE Students – Victorian Certification of Knowledge )
HSC – Greater School Certificate


Vestibular – Individual School entry evaluation in Southern america, each School may have its own vestibular.
ENEM – National Great School Exam. Since 2009 the ranking is used to get into in most universities, after this many universities put out their vestibulars.


Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU)


National College Entrance Examination – Conventional indicates of admission to China universities
AST – Ameson Scholastic Analyze, initially designed for learners who come from China suppliers, and are implementing for the School of Arlington of the UK, now used by a handful of UK and Sydney universities.


SABER 11 Exam – Analyze for all undergraduate learners that want to implement to an excellent in Colombian area.


Prueba de Ingreso a la Universidad – Set of exams in different topics for all learners who want to get into any university in Cuba.


Baccalauréat (or le bac) – Analyze for all undergraduate learners who are looking to get into an excellent in Italy.


Abitur – Analyze for German learners who want to implement to an excellent in Malaysia.

Hong Kong

Admission processes differs in institutions. For university learners implementing degree-level programme offered by School Grants Committee(UGC)-funded institutions, they can only implement through Combined School Programs Admissions System(JUPAS), which uses Hong Kong Innovative Stage Examination(HKALE) and Hong Kong Certification of Knowledge Examination(HKCEE) as standard organization until educational season 2011/12. and Hong Kong Level of Secondary Knowledge (HKDSE) since 2011/12.

JUPAS is not used in most non-UGC/non-degree level programmes, even these institutions still uses the evaluation results that JUPAS uses as standard organization.

Hong Kong Certification of Knowledge Examination (Last season of evaluation this season, as EAS Subsystem of JUPAS until 2011)
Hong Kong Innovative Stage Examination (Last season of evaluation in 2013, as JUPAS standard until 20/12 admission)
Hong Kong Level of Secondary Knowledge (The new certification to replace the two credentials above, starts since 2011/12)


From 2016 all learners who would like to implement for an excellent in Hungary have to prove their vocabulary abilities. They are required to successfully pass a nationwide approved terminology evaluation at B2 CEFR level.

The European Language Accreditations (language exam)
Budapest School of Technology and Financial aspects (language exam)



Health Careers Admissions Analyze (HPAT) – Undergrad Healthcare Admissions Analyze, required for undergraduate admission to Irish Healthcare Schools


National Middle Analyze for School Admissions
Examination for Japanese people School Admission – Required for access by people from other countries into many Japanese people Universities


Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, also known as Malaysia Certification of Knowledge.
Sijil Besar Persekolahan Malaysia, also known as Malaysia Greater School Certification.


NAT – Category I – National Aptitude Analyze, for entry in Engineering, Pc Technology, Healthcare and Arts in most universities of Pakistan

Also needs MCAT medical universities Admission Analyze for getting entry in any medical college and ECAT for getting Admission in any Engineering College School.

GAT – Category I – Graduate student Assessment Test’, for entry in some universities, it is applied by National Examining Services (NTS)
ECAT[disambiguation needed] – for entry in School of Engineering and Technology Lahore(UET)


Universities and other institutions better education formerly ran their own entry exams. Since the introduction of the “new matura” in 2005, and in particular the marking of that evaluation by separate investigators rather than by teachers at kids’ own educational institutions, the matura now serves as the entry test for Enhance learners. See Enhance matura.


Specific State Exam (Russian: Единый государственный экзамен, ЕГЭ, tr. Yediniy gosudarstvenniy ekzamen, EGE) – every student must successfully pass after graduating from university to get into an excellent or an experienced college. Since 2009, EGE is the only way of graduating exams in educational institutions and the main way of preliminary exams in universities.
Specific Republic Exam [1][2] (Russian: Единый республиканский экзамен, ЕРЭ, tr. Yediniy respublikanskiy ekzamen, ERE; Tatar: Бердәм Республика Имтиханы, БРИ, Berdäm Respublika Imtixanı, BRI) – learners which graduate in the Republic of Tatarstan can select to successfully pass the ERE/BRI in the Tatar terminology. Quality is not essential and accepted as an access evaluation only by the Tatarstan universities, especially for the Tatar terminology faculties.

Saudi Arabia

Qudurat or Qiyas – by The National Middle for Assessment in Greater Knowledge.[1]

{adinserter 7}Singapore

Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level
Singapore-Cambridge GCE Innovative Level


Högskoleprovet – the Remedial Scholastic Aptitude Test
PIL – Analyze and interview, used by the Karolinska Institution for admittance to some of its study programmes

South Korea

College Scholastic Capability Analyze – Conventional indicates of admission to Southern Japanese universities and colleges

Taiwan (Republic of China)

Common Scholastic Capability Analyze – Conventional indicates of admission to Taiwanese universities and universities organised in Jan. It includes five topics, namely China, British, Arithmetic, Public Analysis and Technology. All examinees should take the whole set of test.
Department Required Analyze – Conventional indicates of admission to Taiwanese universities and universities organised in July. It includes ten topics, namely China, British, Mathematics(A and B), Record, Location, Citizen and Society, Science, Chemistry and Biology. Examinees can take the assessments that are required to meet to university’s standard.


YGS – Conventional indicates of admission to Turkish universities. (1st step)
LYS – Conventional indicates of admission to Turkish universities. (2nd step)
YÖS – The Examination for Foreign Students for Greater Knowledge Programs in Turkey


External Independent Assessment Analyze – Analyze for all undergraduate learners who are looking to get into an excellent in Ukraine.

United States (and Canada)

SAT – formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAT Topic Tests
ACT – formerly United states College Examining System or United states College Test
THEA – Texas Greater Knowledge Assessment
GED – Great School Level Equivalent
PERT – Replaced Accuplacer as the most popular college placement test in Florida
CAEL – Canada Academic British Language Assessment



Psychometric Entrance Analyze (colloquially “The Psychometry”) – Required for undergraduate admission to most universities in Israel


Iranian School Entrance Exam (Konkoor/Concours) – Conventional indicates of admission to universities in Iran.