List of Exams to be cleared in United Kingdom to get into Colleges

United Kingdom

BMAT – Biomedical Admissions Test
ELAT – British Literary works Admissions Test
GAMSAT – Graduate student Healthcare School Admissions Test
HAT – Record Aptitude Test
{adinserter 2}HPAT – Health Careers Admissions Analyze, currently only in use for entry into Medication in the School of Ulster.
LNAT – National Admissions Analyze for Law
PAT – Science Aptitude Test
MAT – Arithmetic Admissions Test
STEP – Sixth Term Examination Paper, only the topics of Mathematics(I, II, III) are available after 2003
UKCAT – U. s. Empire Clinical Aptitude Test
Contemporary and Ancient ‘languages’ Analyze, offered and required by the Staff of Contemporary & Ancient ‘languages’ of the School of Cambridge
Considering Skills Assessment (TSA Cambridge)
Considering Skills Assessment (TSA Oxford), formerly known as the PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Admissions Test
Considering Skills Assessment (TSA UCL)