There lived a couple in the woods who sell the herbs and fruits available in the forest. The woman is pregnant and the couple eagerly waited for their baby. On the same of day of the delivery, near the lake , a bear has also delivered. Nature took away the life of a Bear leaving the small baby bore alone.The couple brought it home and started looking after it like their own kid. They treated the baby bear as their second kid. The women even breast fed the bear along with her kid. 


Baby and Bear grew fond of each other and spent time playing with each other.

But the mother not being a foolish women always kept an eye on the bear , so that it wouldn’t hurt her son , showing its real animal instincts.  She never left her son and bear alone. Days passed on. 

Once she has to leave to fetch some fresh water from lake, so  she has to leave her baby and bear alone. But scared mom she is, waited for her husband to take care of the baby while she goes to get some fresh water from lake. Husband promised to stay with the baby and the bear till she returns. 


Mother leaves to get water from the lake. On her way back she sees her husband picking up some fruits near the lake. She immediately got scared with the vision of leaving her son alone with the bear. She hurriedly leaves from there yelling at her husband for his carelessness. Capture

When she returns home, she sees the bear running towards her  like a child runs towards a mother. She got afraid looking at the bear , as it was shed in blood stains completely. The furious mother lost her temper seeing the bear shed in blood stains. She immediately hit it hard with her vessel and near by stick .. beating it to death. 

She immediately rushed inside crying badly to her son’s body. She finds blood stains all over the room and rushes to her son. She sees her son happy and cheerful playing with his toys. She could not imagine what she is looking at and grabs her son , kisses him with lots of affection and love. She carefully looks around to understand where is this blood stains coming from. 

Then she notices, a snake lying dead near by her son’s bed. She then understands what has actually happened and rushes outside to look at her baby bear. She then realized her grave mistake which costed her life of her son-like-baby bear. 

She deeply regrets her mistake every day since then but no matter how sorry she feels, her blunder can never be rectified. 

Mistakes done in life sometimes  turn out to be very expensive. Do not take any actions when you are confused or furious. Decisions should only be taken when they are well thought off.