Worries of an Onshore employee….

Every one thinks  💭 onshore employees are the  happiest of all!

But only they knew these secret problems that they face and do not want anyone to know.

Only very few enjoy that life by easily adjusting in that life.

Here are few of those secret problems onsite employees face😔. Laugh out loud as they are really funny for those sitting at offsite.

Read, Laugh 😀 and share. 🌀

In case if you have more feel free to share 😀😍💵


Cannot understand the funny conversation all goras having at desk..

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Not getting married due to onshore stay…






More stressful and scared if sees any email regarding Visa and dates…

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Not getting to save much thought earning in foreign currency….

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Envying the Offshore team having fun in proper desi style……

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