Sayings and quotes about life

1. Quotes about life:
You have started this for a reason. Do not give up just because success have’nt met you yet.


2. Quotes about life:
In life you will always need two things.
a. Success – To let you celebrate the fruits of hard work
b. Failure – To let you reach to the success.
If you don’t get failures, you are not reaching success.


3. Quotes on life:
People keep shifting from one career to another, hoping they would be happy with the next one. But what they miss to understand is where actually their passion resides.


4. Quotes about life:
You get the best thoughts of your life when you are hearing to the chirping sounds of birds at the early morning.


5. Quotes about life:
To get creative and energetic, do not feed on food but try to feed on Nature when it is at its best, The early mornings.


6. Quotes about life:
If you don’t appreciate where you have come, you won’t reach to the point where everyone else would appreciate.


7. Quotes about life:
An artist lives all his life to hear the applause from his spectators.
An engineer lives all his life just to hear applause from his testing team.
A doctor lives all his life, not to hear anything else from his patient after the treatment.


8. Quotes about life:
Rich has always got tensions and worries in life than the poor.
Poor has got nothing to worry and lives richer forever.


9.Quotes about life:
If everyone minds their own business, there would be ZERO entertainment in life.


10. Quotes about life:
If you are worried about success, you can never be creative.


11. Quotes about life:
God and Director runs life on Earth.
Doctor repairs them and Engineer paves way for destruction.


12. Quotes about life:
When you can hear nothing but silence, you are almost dead.


13. Quotes about life:
Life is the only class where teaching and exams goes at the same time. Pay attention!


14. Quotes about life:
Parallel thinking is done by only those, who has got lots of things to do in life. Guys, never think parallelly except when watching cricket.


15. Quotes about life:
The only person you should compete with is yourself.


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16. Quotes about life:
Live life as if you have no tommorrow.



17.Quotes about life:
Life is at its best when you free yourself from all your mental strings.

18.Quotes about life:

You are a limited edition with an invisible expiry date to get torn. Mend your ways and start living life for fun.


19.Quotes about life:

IF you have been living to make your retirement plans, you can never be happy after your retirement.

20.Quotes about life:

Live and Let go. Enjoy Freedom.