When my mom was a kid she was not given any mobile.
Yet she was able to manage her studies without it.
Then why do present generation kids need a mobile during class hours?

Anyway as we need to use the technology wisely there is nothing wrong in allowing students to use mobile in college premises.
I know that technology has advanced so much and people are giving preference to e-learning but before allowing students to use mobiles for learning purpose, care should be taken that mobiles are not misused. If you can control the students and make them use the mobiles in the right way and only when it is necessary we have allow cell phones in classes. If faculty can not do that then it is better to ban them within class instead of giving students liberty to use them .If you ban cell phones then you must provide students a public phone. It is a minimum courtesy of a student to off the mobile in the class because it distracts the person who is delivering the lecture. If students use it in a right way then no one will ask to ban mobiles. Students are using mobiles to play games, use face book ,whatsapp,twitter,hike or some other social networking sites, listen to music e.t.c .no-cell-phone-sign1-238x300

Some students will copy the stuff from the internet this is some thing like high-tech copy. Sometimes students will even answer calls in the class which is really disruptive. It not only disturbs the one who is using mobile but also the one who is teaching and other students in the class. Recently many researchers have claimed that banning mobiles in schools would have the same benefit as extending the school year by five days. With this we can understand how much students are distracted because of mobiles. But banning mobiles completely is also not appreciable. Students should bring mobiles for safety purpose and there should be a counter in the school which staff collects the mobiles from students and return them after school hours. 
If mobiles are mandatory for some subjects for learning purpose then students should collect mobiles from that counter use it and return to the staff who are in the counter.

By this practise we can reduce the usage of mobiles in the college hours.

We can not completely ban mobiles but care should be taken that mobiles are NOT misused.