Student Resume – Do’s and Dont’s

When you’re a college student or recent graduate it can be a challenge to figure out what to include on your resume.

For students with little or no relevant work experience it can be difficult trying to get a job.


What is a student resume?

A Student resume is essentially a brief summary of your background, and a snapshot of your skills and abilities. Its primary purpose is to generate the interest of a potential employer enough to secure you an interview. To do this it must outline a job applicant’s unique work related education, skills sets, accomplishments, and experience.


Importance of a Student Resume :

Your resume is important because it’s the first interaction you will have with an employer and usually the only contact you have with the potential employer. Bear in mind that most employers are actually looking for a reason NOT to interview you, meaning there is no room for anything but a flawless, compelling document. It’s your calling card, something that should make you shine and look extra special.

Many studies have shown that the average hiring manager spends approximately 30 seconds looking at a student resume, so it’s vital that you do everything possible to make sure that your resume is actually read rather than just skimmed over.

 You  can have the best student resume in the world but if no one notices it then it’s wasted.


What to Include in Your Student Resume :

If you’re not sure what to include, do some brainstorming about all of your past experiences, including work-related positions, volunteering, academic experience, campus leadership positions, extracurricular activities, internships, and any awards or special recognition you may have received.


Highlight Your Most Relevant Skills :

From your list, you should be able to highlight several relevant experiences and skills that relate directly to the job (or jobs) you have targeted. Incorporate those, with specific examples of how you applied them, into the appropriate sections of your resume.


The content of the resumes  is, by definition, specialized, assuming readers who want evidence of a high level of aptitude and performance.

The goal is always to demonstrate advanced ability and a high level of accomplishment, witnessed by the specialized evidence presented.






College Student Resume


                               Student resume format



College Student Resume:

Fields: Student Name, Student Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, email, Objective,  Education, Undergraduate school, Degrees earned, Degrees in progress, Graduate school, Vocational school, Certificates earned, Experience, Job title, Company name, City, State, Dates of employment, Job responsibility/Achievement, Skills, Skill set, description, Activities..


The student resume should be one page long. A one-page student resume is more than acceptable when you’re just starting out in the world of work. You may end up with two pages if you include all of the suggested additional information.

If your student resume ends up being three pages long, you’re probably providing too much information — try cutting some things out and sticking to two pages maximum.


A Student resume should consists of the relavent information that is respective of the student