Top 10 Indian bloggers

 Top 10 Indian bloggers





Do you know in India, every one of those bloggers who are making lakhs of rupees month to month? Well! If you know them, then you can likewise get motivated and profit online through blogging. These bloggers are not any superheroes. They are ordinary individuals like you and me who are profiting just through blogging.

However, here these bloggers are very young and as yet profiting more than a specialist or a legal advisor. To become like them you do not need any investment or money, you can start right from your desktop.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is the pioneer of Indian blogging. Today, he is the number one tech blogger in India. He is totally unique and no one can be like him.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh is a New Delhi based very young and budding blogger. He totally epitomizes the young Indian who is independent and has enough money to enjoy his life. 1 year back he purchased a Swift diesel car from his blogging money.