TOP 5 WAYS for busy teachers to make some extra money

Teacher salaries can be a pretty hot topic in various part of the world. Whether you’re discussing private or state funded schools, there is often (heated) discussion surrounding the idea that many teachers are underpaid. Regardless whether you agree with that announcement or not, I think that most of us can agree on this: teaching is (most usually) not a part time job. many people think the job teachers do is very easy but in reality it is not true. Teachers have a very responsible job to do and they are shaping the futures of the students who the future of the nation.

I have plenty of friends in other professions who cobble together work at a few different places, and that is totally typical for their line of work. Be that as it may when I become aware of educators working different employments, it generally makes me somewhat miserable. A full-time teacher works a lot – and yet many have to do a little something extra on the side to make ends meet. While the teachers I personally know have second jobs ranging from personal trainer to part time musician, many teachers also use their existing teaching expertise to bring in extra money. The handy infographic below offers a few ideas on how busy teachers can make some extra money using their existing skills.