Top android games of the week – student chillout zone

 Top android games of the week - student chillout zone


Rating: 8.8

The sequel of brothers in arms is a popular saga to the military action game. The game puts you in a situation where you are struggling in between the second world war battles. The brothers in arms 3 specially bring the role live in the Normady beachs where you will carry out special operations.



Rating: 8.4

Bang Man is a third person shooting game in which the goal is to shoot at the aliens who cross your path but the this is little different from other games here you have to confined to a very limited size and you are required to have a very high skill level to deal with your enemies as they are from outer space.


Rating: 8.2

Looney Tunes dash is a game in which your goal is to clear the tasks which the class of cartoon of bugs bunny. You need to overcome obstacles in your way moving from one lane to the other.


Rating: 8.1

This is just an online game in which you will build a castle in 3D. You will have to get all resources to build your castle. The castle must keep growing. You will figure out a number of obstacles in the way of building the castle.



Rating: 8.7

Linkin part recharge is an action game where you will have to manage a band member available and travel to complete each level not only in third party mode but eliminating all the hurdles you face in your path.



Rating: 7.9

Taekwondo is a martial art and the game gives you numerous challenges to face and you will have to face your opponent in the fight. Martial arts allow you to fight against the computer or friend.