Top mostly used famous Good quotes

Some good quotes


Good quotes 1:
Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday..


Good quotes 2:
Enjoy each and every little things in day if you look back then you will realize that they are the big things….


Good quotes 3:
Life is not about waiting for the storm to is all about learning to dance in rain…


Good quotes 4:
‘EGO’ is the only requirement to destroy any relationship between people…

so, skip the ‘E’ and let it ‘GO’…


Good quotes 5:
People are not mirrors…they see you completely different than the way you see yourself….


Feel good quotes 6:
Sometimes…the smallest thing takes a bigger place in the heart….


Good quotes 7:
If you can dream can do it…


Good quotes 8:
Even the darkest night ends up with the sunrise..


Good day quotes 9:
Every day is a good day to be alive and achieve….


Good quotes 10:
Life always offers you a second chance and it is called ad TOMMOROW..


Feel good quotes 11:
If you love will love you back…


Life is good quotes 12:
Take every chance…

Drop every fear…


Good quotes 13:
Do good..

and good will come to you…
Good quotes 14:
Do something today that your future will thank you for…



Good quotes 15:
Control the ANGER…

because it’s just 1 letter away from ‘D’ANGER….



Good quotes 16:
A good person is the friend of all living things…



Good quotes 17:
Follow your heart….but take the brain  with you…



Good life quotes 18:
Don’t need a perfect life…needs a Happy life…



Good quotes 19:
Forget what hurts you..and never forget what it taught you….



Good quotes 20:
Good things are hard to Get…

harder to maintain….
and impossible to leave….



Good quotes 21:
Give the world the best thing you have and the best  will come back to you…



Good quotes 22:
Problems are not stop signs..they are Guidelines…



Feel good quotes 23:
Success is not the measure of how big the dream is…it is also a measure of how much you can do it…



Good quotes 24:
The only difference between a GOOD DAY and BAD DAY is ATTITUDE….



Good quotes 25:
A Good life is when you smile often… dream big..laugh a lot…and realize how blessed you are and for what you have..



Good quotes 26:
One can do anything..but not everything…



Good quotes 27:
SILENCE is the most powerful scream….



Good quotes 28:
Doubt kills more DREAMS than failure ever will….



Good quotes 29:
TRUST is like a PAPER…

if it is once cannot be proper again….



Good quotes 30:
People are becoming lonely because..they are building WALLS instead of building BRIDGES…..


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