Top Ten Life Hacks for College students

 Top Ten Life Hacks for College students



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1. By listening to recorded lectures you can save your time and learn with double the speed.


2. Taking notes with different coloured pens makes it easier to revise.


3.  Start scoring well right from the first semester when the syllabus is easier.


4. Keep your laptop safe by investing in a laptop lock.



5. Fold your cloths to save space if you are in a small space.



6. During hot summer days hang a damp towel near the window to cool down the temperature in the room.



7. If your phones volume isn’t enough to wake you up in the morning put it in a glass to amplify the sound.



8. Make your laptop bag in to a multipurpose backpack to keep things simple.


9. Set up friends to ask questions during your presentation for which you already know the answer.



10. Set small study goals and when you reach them have a snack. Snack incentive helps to study faster.


All the above life hacks make your life easier. Use them to keep ahead of the crowd. Do things differently in a fun way.


Make your life interesting and stop following the traditional way which is boring. These practical life hacks are fun to practice and helpful to make your life interesting.