United Education Loan Scheme

United Knowledge Loan Scheme:

We are now at your front door to support your desire for quality. Our Academic Loan

Plan has been designed to meet your costs for higher research in Native indian and overseas.

If you are an Native indian Nationwide and properly secured an admittance to any of the following academic/ professional/ technological programs through Entry Test/ Procedure in a Board/ Institution/ School.

  Courses Qualified for Research in India:

*Post Graduating Courses : Experts and Ph.D.
*Professional Courses : Technological innovation, Medical, Farming, Vet, Law, Dental, Control, Pc, etc.
* Pc Certification Courses of well-known Organizations accepted to Department. of Electronic devices or Organizations associated to School.
* Courses like ICWA, CA, CFA, etc.
* Courses performed by IIM, IIT, IISC, XLRI, NIFT, etc.
* Courses offered in Native indian by well-known international Universities and universities.
  * Evening Courses of accepted Organizations.
* Other Courses resulting in Diploma/ Degree, etc. performed by Colleges/ Universities and universities grants by UGC/ Government./ AICTE/ AIBMS/ ICMS,

{adinserter 2}Courses Qualified for Research Abroad:

*Graduation : For job-oriented professional/ technological programs offered by well-known Universities and universities.
  *Post Graduating : MCA, MBA, MS, etc.
*Courses performed by CIMA – London, uk, CPA in USA etc

  Huge of Loan:

*For study in Native indian : Max. Rs. 10 lac

  *For study overseas : Max. Rs. 20 lac

Other Guidelines :

Expenses protected by the Loan :

*Fees due to College/ School/ Hostel.
*Examination/ Library/ Lab Fee.
*Purchase of Books/ Equipments/ Instruments/ Outfits.
*Caution Deposit/ Developing Fund/ Refundable Down transaction reinforced by Organization Bills/ Invoices.
*Travel Expenses/ Passing Money for research overseas.
*Purchase of Computer systems : Essential for finishing the Course.
*Any other costs needed to complete the Course like study trips, venture work, dissertation, etc.

Pay back of Loan:

*For loans up to Rs.7.5 lakhs- not going above 10 decades.

*For loans above Rs. 7.5 lakhs- not going above 15 decades.

If loan size is less than Rs.4 lacs and student’s earnings is adequate enough to service EMI, the loan term may be set up within a interval up to 7 Years in assessment with the debtors.

Life Insurance policy Coverage:

{adinserter 2}To ensure protection to scholar’s and client’s lifestyle and against your loan responsibility and additional loan element for transaction of one-time top quality for such credit insurance plan may be accepted by financial institution on demand from the client.


The accumulated attention during repayment holiday interval is to be added to the major and EMI for repayment of loan is set.

Security :

*Upto Rs. 4.00 Lacs : No Security (only co-obligation of parents)

  *Above Rs. 4.00 Lacs and up to Rs. 7.50 lakh: Third celebration assurance along with co-obligation of mother and father.

*Above Rs. 7.50 lacs: Co-obligation of mother and father together with concrete security protection of appropriate value along with the task of upcoming earnings of college student for transaction of payments.


* Assignment of upcoming earnings of college student for repayment of loan to be done in all situations.

*The papers should be implemented by both the college student and the parent/ protector.

* The protection may be of home loan of land/ building/ document investments or unencumbered part of already mortgaged land/ building on 2nd cost foundation offered the value of the same includes the needed quantity borrowed.

* In case the borrowed funds is given for buy of Pc, the same is to be hypothecated to the Bank.

  For further information contact your closest division.

The college student of Native indian national to engage in  admittance to a professional/technical course through entrance analyze / benefit based choice process either national or overseas.

Courses performed by well-known Indian/foreign institutions.

1.00% attention concession is permitted during morotorium peirod only if the attention is maintained  per month & consistently during the moratorium interval.


1. For loan up to Rs. 4.00 lac – Nil

2. For loan above Rs. 4.00 lac

a) For study in Native indian –  5%
b) For study overseas -15%

Processing Charge:

a) For study in India: Nil
b) For Abroad: 0.20% of quantity borrowed.



a) Up to Rs. 4 lac: No Security (only co-obligation of parents)
b) Above Rs.4 Lac & up to Rs.7.50 lac: Third celebration assurance along with co-obligation of mother and father.
c) Above Rs. 7.50 lac: Tangible security protection along with co-obligation of mother and father.

‘In all situations there would be challenge for connection of upcoming income’

Interest Subsidy:

* for the eligible learners (parental family earnings less than Rs. 4.50 lac p.a.)only
  *for the tutorial period 2009-10 (i.e. loan accepted & paid on and after 01.04.2009 and thereafter)
*for Interest paid during moratorium interval only
  *topic to satisfaction of circumstances of the scheme


The loan is to be paid back in 10 to 15 decades after moratorium interval based on programs.

 Control Quota:

Quantum of Loan : Min. Rs. 5 lakh (max. As per normal education loan scheme)
Rate of Interest : As per attention levels under UEL.
Margin -25%
Security- Cover entire loan by fluid security/ home loan of property
Moratorium period- Course interval plus 1 year, or 6 months after getting job whatever is earlier)
Repayment Period : Max.5 decades regardless of quantity borrowed after finishing moratorium interval.



for more details like rate of intrest etc., visit: http://www.unitedbankofindia.com/english/RatesCredit.aspx