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University of Phoenix
The University of Arizona (UOPX) is an America for-profit institution of higher studying, located in Arizona, Arizona, U. s. States. The university has an open-enrollment entrance technique, demanding a high-school degree, GED, or its equivalent as its requirements for acceptance. The university has 112 factors globally and confers levels in over 100 level applications at the on the internet, bachelors, professionals and doctoral level levels.It is a definitely managed additional of Apollo Group Inc., an organization (NASDAQ: APOL) Phoenix-based organization that operates several for-profit educational organizations.

{adinserter 2} The University of Arizona accomplished a peak signing up of almost 600,000 learners truly, but its numbers have dropped almost 60 % since 2010.


While the college specializes in on the internet applications, the factors offer additional applications and services. On the world wide web learners are also able to use training and group centers, which can also be used for group and university university college student conferences. The first center started out in 2007 in Plano, Texas.

Students have access to class-specific websites, such as an electronic selection, books, and other additional material required for a course. The university says that the e-books involve search features and links to guide terms that make the books easier to use for research.


The university provides level applications through seven universities and two educational organizations. These are named the University of Advanced Studies, University of Company, Greater education and learning and studying of Criminal Privileges and Security, Greater education and learning and studying of Information, Greater education and learning and studying of Humanities, Greater education and learning and studying of Information Systems and Technology, Greater education and learning and studying of Natural Sciences, Greater education and learning and studying of Medical care, and the Greater education and learning and studying of Public Sciences. In addition to its conventional teaching applications, the college provides training applications for instructors and practitioners, expert development applications for organizations, and specialized applications of research for army personnel.

Students spend 20 to 24 time with an trainer during each course, in contrast to about 40 time at a conventional university. The university also requires learners to execute together by operating on studying team tasks, wherein the category will be separated into studying groups of four to five learners. Each studying team is allocated an organization forum where affiliates will discuss the project and submit their agreed upon portions of the studying team task for selection by the selected studying team leader. The concept of studying groups is somewhat uncommon in conventional academia; however, the University of Arizona views that cooperating on tasks and having individuals rely on each other shows the real operating conditions of the corporation.

{adinserter 2} Acceptance and cost-effective aid

The University of Arizona has an begin acceptance technique. In response to complaints about the use of cost-effective aid by for-profit universities truly the university began an placement system designed to lower dropout and standard rates. Students must successfully finish a three-week placement execute shop to be able to be eligible to begin their first credit/cost bearing course. Students who do not finish the execute shop after two efforts must wait six months before attempting again.

Phoenix authorized learners using high-pressure sales tactics by acceptance practicioners who are compensated, in aspect, depending on their success in hiring learners. Since 2010, changes were applied to the way the university employees learners.

Some individual universities within the University of Arizona keep specialised certification or are pre-accredited by accrediting agencies that are recognized by the Authorities for Greater Information Documentation.

University of Company – certification through the Organization of Greater education and learning Company Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Because Phoenix’s organization applications are not approved by the Organization to Advance Greater education and learning Schools of Company (AACSB), some organizations will not provide academic costs compensation for employees taking aspect Arizona.
Greater education and learning and studying of Information – Professional of Information is approved by the Instructor Information Documentation Authorities (TEAC)
Greater education and learning and studying of Medical care – B.S. and M.S. level applications are approved by the Commission on Greater education and learning Medical care Information (CCNE)
Greater education and learning and studying of Public Sciences – The Professional of Technology in Support system in Community Support (Phoenix and Tucson factors ONLY), the Professional of Technology in Support system in Psychological Wellness and fitness Support (Utah factors ONLY), and the Professional of Technology in Support system in Clinical Psychological Wellness and fitness Support (Phoenix and Tucson factors ONLY) are approved by the Authorities for Documentation of Support and Relevant Educational Programs (CACREP).
Organization and administration
Main article: Apollo Group
University of Arizona Ground, an organization activities area for which the organization compensated for tagging rights.

University of Arizona is a definitely managed additional of Apollo Group, a S&P 500 organization centered in Arizona, Arizona.

Marketing and advertising

Apollo Group, University of Phoenix’s parent organization, usually spends between $376 thousand and $655 thousand per season on promotion and promotion, such as the University of Arizona brand. Much of this promotion is On the world wide web marketing.

The university compensated $154.5 thousand for 20-year tagging rights for promotion purposes of the University of Arizona Ground in Glendale, Arizona, an organization activities area, home of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, and the site of the NCAA’s Tostitos Bamboula Bowl. The university does not participate in intercollegiate activities.


{adinserter 2} The regular age of a University of Arizona university university college student is between 33 (undergraduate) and 36 (graduate), and most learners have work-related obligations. The University declares that nearly two-thirds of its learners are women and that a plurality of learners taking aspect the college research organization (undergraduate learners including 29.9% and learners 12.9%), followed closely by those authorized in Axia Greater education and learning and studying for Associates levels (28.1%).

The university university college student population is roughly 25% African-American and almost 13% Latino. The university learners the largest number of underrepresented learners with professionals levels operating, medical care, and understanding of any U.S. school.

In 2013, the US Department of Defense ended its contract with University of Arizona for army perspectives in Europe.


The university’s employees contains roughly 1,500 core employees and 20,000 on the internet (part-time or adjunct) instructors who all keep graduate student college student university university college student levels. Its dependency on part-time employees – 95 % of Arizona instructors teach part-time, in comparison to a normal of 47 % national – has been belittled by authorities and academic professionals. Most of the classes are centrally crafted and consistent across instructors to ensure reliability and website for the college.

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