Use watsapp with out internet

Use wats app with out internet

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The app, Whatsapp has over 700 million users.

Even though WhatsApp is a free app, you still need to pay a large quantity for the Online information.

However, now you can cut down on your Online costs and access  your WhatsApp without connection to a internet  via WhatSim.


How to use whats app without internet connection:


WhatSim is a new SIM cards presented by Brother Zanella (who is also the CEO of Zeromobile) allows you to deliver and get information only via WhatsApp.

The organization states that the WhatSim can be used to connect more than 400 providers in about 150 nations.

The WhatSim cards price is just 10 euro , which allows you to use WhatsApp for a long time without investing on internet. You can deliver and get information, discuss on whatsapp from various places via WhatsApp with the help of WhatSim.

But to be able to deliver and obtain multi-media data files, customers will have to improve the stability on WhatSim, based on your regional area.
On every renew of 5 euros, WhatSim customers will get 1,000 attributes.

Indian drops in Zone 3 need 150 attributes for picture, 600 attributes to discuss video clips, 30 attributes to deliver speech information on WhatsApp.

The WhatSim can be best for learners and a advantage to those places which have low or poor internet connectivity.

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