Western Governors University

Western Governors University
Western Governors University

European Governors University (WGU) is a personal, charitable, on the internet American university centered in Salt Pond City, The state of utah. The university was established by 19 U.S. governors in 1997 after the idea was developed at a 1995 meeting of the European Governors Association. The university uses a competency-based learning model, with learners operating on the internet in sychronisation with staff guides, with whom frequent phone interaction is kept, and taking proctored assessments on the internet via web camera and other on the internet proctoring technological innovation. John Mendenhall is the present university chief executive. The university has the difference of having been the first and only university to receive local certification simultaneously from four local accrediting income.

It was also the first on the internet university to have its teacher-preparation applications approved by the Nationwide Authorities for Accreditation of Instructor Education and learning (NCATE), the specific accrediting body for teacher planning.

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Western Governors University consists of four universities, each offering bachelor’s and master’s level programs: the College of Company, the College of Details Technology, the Instructors College, and the College of Health Careers, which includes degrees in nursing. As of Oct 2014, 55 bachelors, master’s, and post-baccalaureate level applications, as well as teacher approval planning applications, were offered among the four universities.

Terms involve six-month “rolling” semesters, which start for personal learners on the first of each 30 days. Sessions are allocated unique conditions lasting six weeks but learners may proceed at their own pace. Many classes have “cohorts,” or learners operating in the same general period of your energy and effort, to accomplish on the internet conferences and conversations, though learners in any given cohort progress to the next course as soon as they are able to offer their knowledge. Course guides offer both group and personal training as well as moderating on the internet conversations.


Western Governors University has a multi-step acceptance procedure. Admissions requirements vary based on which educational system the college student selects to attend. Many applications need either an associates level from an approved college or a percentage of related, proven experience in which an excellent student wishes to study. The school does not need SAT or ACT ratings for entrance. Undergrad applications need the college student to possess a school degree or GED and pass the college’s College Preparedness Evaluation, and entrance into all applications requires an interview with a WGU Registration Consultant to determine if the competency-based approach is the best fit for the person college student.

University Governance

As a personal, charitable university, WGU is controlled by a panel of trustees that includes condition governors, teachers, and business and market management. In addition, the university’s Nationwide Advisory Board includes management from personal organizations and fundamentals which support the university. Current associates include Google, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gateways Foundation and AT&T among many others. Each of the five condition established schools also have a local Chancellor and Advisory panel from within the condition.[19] Course capabilities are defined with feedback from third-party local authorities made up of economic, educational, and market management, who information the university in determining what a successful graduate student in any given level system must know to be a valuable worker.


WGU’s disaggregated staff includes school student guides (faculty associates who recommend and knowledge an excellent student throughout his or her entire level program), course guides (subject-matter experts who recommend, instructor, and knowledge learners through particular courses), system staff (who manage course content), and evaluators/graders. The university has 1,100 full-time teachers and 200 part-timers. 85% of college student guides and over 98% of course guides have gained a graduate student level. Course guides and system staff typically need a Ph.D., Ed.D., or another form of gained doctoral or professional level.

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In 2014, college tuition for WGU is $2,890 per six-month phrase for most undergraduate applications and has not increased since the fall of 2008.[41] Tuition is charged at a predetermined fee per six-month phrase, regardless of the number of programs taken or attributes completed.

European Governors University is a personal institution that was established in 1996. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 35,493. It runs on the continuous-based educational schedule. Its college tuition and fees are $6,070 (2014-15).


When implementing to European Governors University, it’s worth noting the program due date is moving. The program fee at European Governors University is $65.

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