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1.Silence speak very loudly but it is amazing how many people don’t take the time to listen.😑

2.Life will serve you best if you love it as much as you love yourself.😍

3.No one rises suddenly in the World, Not Even the Sun.⛅️

4.I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile then walk into a pole. 😃

5.Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak. Sometimes it just means your strong enough to let go.😟

6.You really love him, don’t you? 💗
A simple psychological question, no name was mentioned but suddenly someone came into your mind.

7.Being someone’s first may be great, but being someone’s last is perfect.💝

8.”I didnt realize you weren’t right for me until it was too late & I was left hurt. I was too busy falling in love w/ you.”💔

9.Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.🎧

10.Send me a longgggg message so I know it’s real.📜

11.” 🔅the best way to get something done is to begin “

12.” sometimes you never find the right words to express your true feelings. Thats where music steps in. “🎶

13.Dear homework, you are unattractive, there for, I cannot do you.🐲

14.Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you’re finished.🐌

15.Im done with tears. Im wiping my eyes. 💔If he doesnt care then why the hell should I?

16.You just have to learn to forget about the people, who forgot about you.😎

17.To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. 👿To steal from many is research.

18.Worry about your character and not your reputation, because your character is who you are, and your reputation is only what people think of you.🙀

19.Everyone is someone’s dream and you were mine.😻

20.It is almost impossible to smile on the outside without feeling better on the inside.😕