Robin was fast asleep in his night pants in his townhouse at San Ramon, California. For those who do not know whats a townhouse , a townhouse, or town house is a term used in North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and parts of Europe where often it looks like a small footprint on multiple floors. It is a good cozy weather outside and he is deep asleep inside under his warm duvet. His ears are bringing inside some sounds that turned on his brain and he waited to hear them again for confirmation. 

He started to hear the creaking sounds of his wooden flooring. That was clearly, sound of  foot steps from someone who is trying to walk very carefully with a minimal possible sound.  Robin is unmarried and staying in the same house from past few months. Most of his luggage is unpacked yet and the credit goes to his laziness. He had unpacked only few things he mostly uses and left the rest for future. This time the foot steps are approaching faster towards his room and his heart starting pounding faster. His body is now frozen with fear and he couldn’t even dare to turn around to have a look at the door. 

Robin can hear his bed room door slowly opening and he started sweating with dead shock and fear together. He started pretending as if he is deep asleep until when,  the intruder/thief pulled his duvet forcefully down and commanded him to ‘Freeze!!’ with a sharp knife pointing towards Robin. Robin jumped out of his bed with fear with his hands up,  switching on lights next to him immediately. burglar_2480470a

Now in a clear light, Robin can see him. Robin noticed that the thief himself is shivering as well with fear. It must have been his one of those first few attempts of robbery.

Immediately an idea flashed Robin’s mind and he started executing it. He calmly told the thief, “Brother do not shout or think of harming me. I myself sneaked into this house a week ago and started living here as the people of the house evidently seems like went on a vacation or some where else. I sneak in and out during nights for getting some good shelter which i never had so far. So, please do not harm me and take away anything you want from here. I absolutely have no problem. I can also assist you if you insist.” 

The thief is clearly devastated on his wasted efforts , pain and stress he took to sneak in. He threw the knife away and randomly searched for some money here and there in the house.

After few attempts to find some money and getting tired, he came back to Robin, who is still standing in a corner with his hands up and asked Robin, if there is anything to eat in the house. Robin almost got a panic attack as he is very lazy and he got nothing in the house to feed the hungry thief. But he do not want the thief to loose his cool so directed him towards kitchen, and offered him milk and cereals. 

The thief left the house from the backdoor from where he entered clearly disappointed but with a hunger satisfied smile on his face. Robin immediately called on the police and reported the incident though.